Deploying Sonarqube on Azure WebApp for Containers


Sonarqube is a tool for developers to track quality of a project. It provides a dashboard to view issues on a code base and integrates nicely with VSTS for analyzing pull-requests, a good way to always improve the quality on our apps.
Deploying, running and maintaining Sonarqube can however be a little troublesome. Usually, it’s done inside a VM that needs to be maintained, secured, etc. Even in Azure, a VM needs maintenance.

What if we could use the power of other cloud services to host our Sonarqube. The database could easily go inside a SQL Azure. But what about hosting the app ? Hosting in a container offering (ACS/AKS) can be a little complicated to handle (and deploying a full Kubernetes cluster for just Sonarqube is a little bit too extreme). Azure Container Instance (ACI) is quite expensive for running a container in a permanent way.

Therefore, it leaves us with WebApp for Containers, which allows us to run a container inside the context of App Service for Linux, the main interest is that everything is managed : from running and updating the host to certificate management and custom domains.
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